Ain't No Mamma Like the One I Got

Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a Mamma.

Most years, Mother's Day can be spent with Sunday brunch and the cute crafts that the kids made at school. But this year, we all know it's going to look different. What a great time to to celebrate the leading lady holding down the fort.  On the gift front, we've rounded up a few of our favs to help you out:


1. Personalized Necklaces 

A petite necklace stamped with the kids' initials is sentimental yet subtle.  Perfect for her to fondly remember this time when those tiny humans wouldn't stop touching her 24/7.  Our local favorite is Quad Espresso Jewelery and she ships!

2. Online Cooking Class- Chef Alyssa's Kitchen 

Cooking 3 meals a day during the Stay At Home orders can leave any kitchen fare unexciting.  Why not gift a fun class that makes it exciting to learn a new dish and reap the benefits of some new flavor at the same time?  <win/win!> we got you!

3. MotherHOOD tee

Now that mom has become wife, mom, teacher, cook, cleaner, dance instructor, soccer coach and SO much more- Keep things light and give her a laugh with this super soft t shirt. It's funny and oh so true.


4. Flowers from a local Florist 

Can't go wrong with pretty bouquet of flowers!  Where ever you live, be sure to shop local for the best deals.


5. Candle with a side of humor

When the light is on, she's off. Comes in 5 different scents including "Go-Ask-Your-Dad Vanilla" and "The Next-Best-Thing to Clean Laundry". Guaranteed to be her new favorite candle- it's definitely ours!



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