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Meet Bruce

Bruce Williams of B.A.W Photography was one of our first clients and friends in the Charlotte CrossFit community.  His natural eye for movement and angles has launched him to the top of the athlete and gym branding scene.  His work has been featured on as well as marketing pieces for other prominent brands in the industry.

BAW Photography

B.A.W Photography as a Brand

As a photographer to dozens of competitions yearly, Bruce has his eye on the latest trends in his community.  He's used this sense for "What's Dope," as he calls it, to authentically expand his social media reach.  Between his daily "sock swag" and B.A.W branded apparel, Bruce has been able to stay on the forefront of athletes' minds... which comes in VERY handy when they're eventually looking to book photography.

sock swag

Snatch & Run has worked with B.A.W Photography on several lines of apparel in over the years.  Between his recent camo inspired collection to printing his traditional white logo on the hottest garment, we love helping keep B.A.W Photography's marketing on point.  Producing top quality garments that influencers WANT to buy with a client's branding is always our #1 goal.  

"Custom Apparel has allowed my brand to grow outside of just the services I provide.  Its connected me even more to the community and my supporters.  Invest in yourself and support local businesses like Snatch & Run to enlarge the footprint of your business!!" -Bruce Williams, B.A.W Photography

BAW Photography group

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