New Year's Resolutions? Mmm, ok.

What’s the point of New Year’s Resolutions anyway? Aren’t they really just us pep-talking ourselves into being better adults? Eat better, work harder, make better decisions, so on and so forth.

Originally I came up with two:

  1. Be a better “hard worker”

I am a very hard worker. When I feel like it. But I wouldn’t necessarily say that I do things half-assed either. I either give it my all to the point where I am negotiating with the universe to not kill me or I’m hanging out, staring off into space while avoiding all things

  1. Do one thing each daily:
    • One selfish act
    • One selfless act

    Who doesn’t forget about themselves while caring for others? Most everyone does. How many of us forget to say “no, I can’t” when asked for a favor? Nope. I decided that in order to not be a complete dick but also while looking out for myself, I would do both.

    They say you are the average of the 5 people you are closest to. Let’s assume this does not include your kids (I have 3, so right there my median has drastically gone up). Who are they? We’ve already established that they should be adults. In a given day, I encounter people at my kid’s schools, work, the gym, kids activities, and at the rate I’m going – the grocery store. Who am I closest to?

    1. My husband, bless his heart
    2. Obviously work – there are two of us
    3. The gym – this is where I show my best and worst sides
    4. Miscellaneous – these are the friends I talk to and see all the time

    What does this all mean?

    It means we are all a work in progress. Unfortunately none of us are perfect. Our brains each work in different ways, specifically our abilities to make repeat healthy decisions. So we make resolutions. “I resolve to stop eating fast food hamburgers… I resolve to go to the gym 4 days a week…. I resolve to stop spending my savings.” Are we setting ourselves up for success? Absolutely not.

    This is all great, nothing new to read. Magazines have been telling us for years that you can’t just go cold turkey and except absolute success. So, how do we go about being better healthy, fulfilled adults?

    Answer the question: who are you? You can’t though – it’s very hard. And requires hard work? This is my issue, it’s all very chicken and egg. Time to summarize, as I’m getting quite tangent-y…

    Resolutions, New Year’s specifically, are our annual reminder that we are not perfect. We are growing adults who need help – from ourselves, our family, our friends, every single person we interact with is a chance to learn and work towards the answer. Our lives are a reflection of our decisions, good and bad. They all lead up to the adultiest question of all – “Who am I?” I set resolutions and I understand that while I may fail, I will at the very least learn what doesn’t work.

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