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New Year's Resolutions? Mmm, ok.

What’s the point of New Year’s Resolutions anyway? Aren’t they really just us pep-talking ourselves into being better adults? Eat better, work harder, make better decisions, so on and so forth.
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Whole30- Getting Started

The kids are back in school and I'm tackling the Whole30 eating plan.  I won't go too much into the actual plan, but if you want to learn all the nitty gritty check it out here ---> Whole 30   In summary, the eating plan (notice how I didn't say diet) has you eat whole, non processed foods for 30 days.  Sugar, dairy, soy, legumes, alcohol and all inflammation causing foods are out and fruits, veggies, meats and nuts are in.  Here's my top 5 tips for starting Whole30:

  1. Read the rules, then decide on your own.  I'm a firm believer in You Do You. If you want to follow the plan down to a T, great.  Do that.  If you want to add almond milk to your coffee, great.  Do that.  Want to weigh yourself during the program, great. Do that.  Pick rules that challenge you, but still allow you to make improvements in your life.   Once you pick them- stick to them.  
  2. Make your life easy.  Week 1 of Whole30 is no cake walk- the detox from sugar (and sugar substitutes) is intense.  You will want to throw in the towel on more than one occasion.  Know what's going to make that feeling even worse? Not having ready to eat snacks.  Prep at least 2 days worth of snacks in advance.  Have some bubbly water like La Croix in the fridge.  Buy meal prep containers  so eating requires no thinking.
  3. Tell everyone that you're starting.  Tell your family, workout partners, coaches, coworkers, everyone.  Post about it on Facebook.  Seriously.  Do it as soon as you start.  Trust me, its a whole lot harder to fail when you have a million people asking you how your Whole30 is going.  
  4. Partner Up.   Find someone that wants to make a change in their diet and team up together.  You don't even have to make the same changes.  It's a whole lot easier to text someone about your dream about marshmallows when they're probably going through weird withdrawals too.  
  5. Decide you're going to be all in.  Sound corny?  Yeah, I know, but actively making the decision to do or not do something is the number 1 challenge.  Decide to be ALL IN to your rules.  You are the one that set the rules- be accountable to yourself for the whole 30 days.  It is only 30 days ;) 

**I am not a dietitian, chef, nutritionist or anything of the sort.  Take my advice for what it is- things that worked for me and helped me get through the first 2 weeks of Whole 30.  


Have you tried Whole30?  Paleo?  Feel free to tell me your thoughts, favorite receipts, etc. in the comments.  

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Why CrossFit is good for families.

Two years ago in May, my relationship with fitness went through a big overhaul.  Prior to that I was a distance runner and YMCA junkie.  As a half marathoner, most of my training was at night or on the weekend, away from my family.  Yeah, yeah -- I know some people use BOB strollers to take their kids with them, but that just wasn't going to happen with my daughter.  Trust me.  She unbuckled herself and hopped right out mid stride one day... That was the end of that.  So onto the YMCA I went, logging my miles on the dreadmill.  Don't get me wrong, I still love a good treadmill run every once in a while - but it's mainly because I can zone out watching cable.  Running on a treadmill everyday while my kid was in child watch just isn't the idea of fitness I've ever wanted for me or my kids.  

Enter CrossFit. 

From day one of CrossFit, my kids have gone to the box with me more times than not.  Most busy days they stay in the kids' room which has a giant plexiglass window.  Every time they look up - they see mom working out, getting stronger, failing and trying again.   During the calmer days, they are able to sit in the giant tires or on boxes and cheer us on during an AMRAP.  The coaches engage them in tag or rope climbs.  They are learning that fitness is fun.  They are seeing mom & her friends work hard, get strong, and be part of a community.

I'm sure you've heard that song and dance at other places, but here's why CrossFit is different than your other gym: it is a family.  My husband travels often for work but my kids have no shortage of fill-in family because of this place.  

My kids met their best friends at CrossFit.  My daughter loves that Ms. Melyssa is the one that cuts her hair.  My son loves that he can talk to Officer Danny about any weird law enforcement question.  Both of my kids love seeing Coach Kyra at Target and showing her all their new workout gear.  My daughter loves seeing Ms. Tracey at her brother's school and always acts like they have some secret inside joke.  My son loves that he can show Mr. James which new Pokemon he's caught.  There's 30 other people that I could name on this list.  All people that would drop whatever for our kids (and for me & my husband).  All people that have known our kids for the past 2 years- watched them grow, know their quirks and show them love.  In my opinion, that's the pretty awesome and unique part about CrossFit.  

The muscles are just an added bonus.

 -Thanks for reading.  ~Christy

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