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Instapot Applesauce

Holy moly you guys.  I went to Target last week and scored a brand new Instapot for $40!  I've been wanting to try one for so long but couldn't stomach adding another $100+ piece of cooking equipment to my kitchen.  So alas, this was my golden opportunity... thanks, Target <smooch>


Today I did my weekly fridge clean out and noticed that some of our apples and pears were starting to turn- perfect time to test out the Instapot!  This recipe was super easy and my daughter was able to help me add all the ingredients to the pot.  Best of all, the whole recipe only took 5 minutes to cook!  


Instapot Applesauce

-Mix of 10 medium sized pears and apples- peeled, cored and chopped into quarters

-1 cup of water

-1/4 cup of honey


Place all the ingredients in your Instapot.  Cook on High Pressure for 5 minutes and allow the steam to release naturally.  Mash your sauce to desired consistency, let cool and enjoy :) 

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