Custom Listing- BAW March 2020 Baseball tee

$ 234.00

Bella Canvas 3200- Burgundy and grey baseball tee

one color/one location screen print/ burgundy ink (PMS 7640C)

  • XS: 2
  • S: 5
  • M: 2
  • L: 1
  • XL: 0
  • XXL: 2

Total: 12

Image will be sized to smallest tee


Disclaimer:  Final product may not be exact to picture. Upon completion, customer will need to come in to the Tega Cay Snatch and Run office during business hours, 9AM to 3PM, and sign Satisfaction form.  


Signature verifies that customer has reviewed all garments with a Snatch and Run representative and is satisfied with quantities and quality of printed apparel received. 


Customer Signature:                                                                                       

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