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  • Do you offer screen printing classes?
    YES! Teaching screen printing is one of Christy’s favorite things.
  • Where did you learn to screen print?
    YouTube, Instagram and years and years of practice.
  • What’s your turnaround time like?
    Typically 7-10 business days from payment but we’ll give you a firm in- hands date upon ordering.
  • Are you the cheapest screen printer in town?
    No, we are not. We believe in relationships, quality and giving you the most bang for your wearable marketing budget.
  • Snatch & Run - that’s a funny name. Where did it come from?
    In 2014, we started our fitness line selling to Functional Fitness gyms across the south east. The name combined our love for weightlifting and half marathoning at the time. Although we've moved away from the fitness space as our primary client base, no other names have stuck quite like this one so we’re keeping it :)
  • Can I stop by to see your shop?
    We are quickly outgrowing our current location and space is TIGHT. For safety and efficiency of work, all site visits must be by appointment only.
  • What’s the best way to start my order?
    Text Christy at 919-332-9611 or fill out our contact us form to get started. We start each client interaction with a phone meeting to make sure we’re a good fit.
  • Do you offer merchandise stores for my company?
    Yes, we would love to chat about your merch store needs. Our pricing plans start at $1000 gross sales per month
  • Are you willing to trade shirts for social media exposure?
    No, sorry.
  • Can I pay for my shirts after I pick them up?
    No, we require 100% payment upfront but do guarantee that you’ll be happy with your garments.
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