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Image by Jason Leung

Gildan BOD

The printwear industry is a dynamic space driven by successful risk-takers, dreamers and artists with distinct opinions and perspectives. In such an equitable environment it can be challenging to discern one truth from another. Gildan BOD brings together people from the U.S. to provide input and thought into our products.


More about Gildan BOD

Created by Gildan, the Board of Decorators is a resource, providing invaluable business-related insight through thought-provoking, inspiring and educational content created for decorators by decorators. One voice, created from many.

At the helm of The Board of Decorators will be a consortium of 10 industry voices selected from a broad cross-section of the printwear space. Tapped for their extensive experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and distinctive point of view, the members help to create this website’s directional content.

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